Can You Do That Home Winterization Project

Dated: 01/01/2018

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Can You Do That HomeWinterization Project?

When the weather gets cold, life aroundyour house changes. Instead of the kids playing in the yard and yourunning the air conditioner a lot, the kids will be playing insideand you’ll be running the furnace instead. All in all, winter canbe hard on your home and your family.

That’s why you need to spend sometime and effort now to winterize your home. Unless you get your houseready for the colder months, your family and the building itself cansuffer. Believe it or not, winterizing can be that important.

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Why WinterizationMatters

You don’t have to “summerize”your home, so why do you have to worry about winter? Because thereare a lot of things that can go wrong when it’s very cold outside.

Esurance shows that one of the reasonsyou need to winterize your home is a frozenpipe. When water freezes, it expands. A pipe that’sfull of water in winter can freeze and crack. Then when the warmhouse air gets in the pipe, the water melts and you find a riverinside your home. That could lead to persistent problems like mold ormajor issues like water-damaged floors.

Damage isn’t the only problem yourhome (and family) faces during winter. You pay for keeping everythingwarm. That’s hard to do when your homeis drafty. Besides your family’s comfort, thisraises your utility bill.

Can You Do That DIYProject?

Then what can you do to winterize yourhome? Popular Mechanics lists several DIYwinterization projects you can do by yourself. Blockdrafts with weatherstripping, draft blockers, or caulk so your familystays warm for less money. Cover any exposed pipes with insulation,and if you go away over the holidays, don’t turn off the heat. Anddon’t forget about changing the filters on your furnace. Thisincreases the airflow, helping you heat your home more efficiently.

Another way to fight the cold is to addclearwindow insulation. As explains, this canhelp you keep 70% of your heat from escaping through the windows.

However, there are some winterizationprojects you should leave to contractors or similar professionals.You should avoid anything involving wiring, gas, or plumbing. Forexample, don’t replace your old furnace without professional help,and if you have any cracks in your pipes, hire a plumber to fix them.

Taking Care Of YourPool

Winterizing your home isn’t limitedto the inside. That’s especially true if you have a pool. Whetherit’s in-ground or above, you need to do a little work on it to makesure you can enjoy it in the summer.

The most important thing to do is toget a cover for your pool. Between fall leaves and winter snows,there’s a lot that can fall into the water during the coldermonths. A cover can stop all that. You can check out some poolproducts like a cover vacuum to get rid of meltingsnow when the weather finally turns warmer, and you can also add somewinterization chemicals to the water to help keep it clear and safe.

Winterizing HelpsYour Family

While some projects should be done bysomeone with the right training and tools, there are many things youcan do to help both your family and house get through winter. Addsome insulation, seal drafts, and cover your pool. This way, you canfocus on everything about winter your family enjoys.

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